Man In Spain's Andalucía Found Guilty Of Killing Father

 Spain’s Sevilla Provincial Court has sentenced a man, 30, to seven years and six months in prison for murdering his father, 65, in January.

The victim, former miner and writer, Antonio Perejil Delay, was snoozing in a chair in the living room in the house they shared in Sevilla, when his son stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife and then stole €150 and his car keys. He then took the house keys and left, locking the door behind him.

He was arrested by Spain’s National Police within hours of his father’s death, just 200 metres from the house, on January 22.

He is a drug addict who earned money by parking cars in the street and who had developed obsessive compulsive and personality disorders due to his addiction.

He was due to face a people’s jury but his defence came to an agreement with the public prosecution and he has been sentenced to six years for murder, with the aggravating circumstance of him being related to the victim and the mitigating circumstance of his mental problems.

He is banned from coming within 400 metres of his mother for 11 years, and will remain under surveillance for six years once he has served his prison sentence. He will have to pay €110,550 in compensation to his mother and sister.

He has also been sentenced to a year and a half for violent robbery.  Global247News Twitter

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