London Heathrow plans to charge drivers for "drop-offs"

As Heathrow airport is battling to fight off huge losses from the coronavirus. Which has hit global aviation they are planning to charge drivers £5 to drop off friends and relatives outside their terminals.

London Heathrow plans to charge drivers for “drop-offs”: On Thursday the airport announced that they were only “exploring” a fee for drivers to access drop-off points at departure terminals. Airport chiefs defended the plan. Saying that it would save jobs and also encourage passengers to arrive via public transport.

The new plans for “forecourt access charge” (FAC) will replace those that were announced last year for an ultra-low emissions zone at their airport. Although they have said these plans may well be introduced at a future date. Heathrow’s director of surface access Tony Caccavone said. “The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been severe. Especially on the aviation industry with Heathrow passenger numbers down over 80% and the business losing £5m a day.

These changes will help us to protect the business financially and save jobs in the short term. Whilst also allowing us to stay on track for our long-term goals of providing safe, sustainable and affordable transport options into the future.” It said that the use of public transport could also raise concerns for people during the pandemic. But hoped that the new measure would encourage the use of it.

In a statement the airport said “Revenue raised through the FAC will be used to offset airport costs. Including future sustainable transport investments, as well as lowering the charges for passengers.” The plans would be finalised next year but it is thought that drivers with disabled badges and emergency vehicles would be exempt from the charge. It still remains unknown how it will affect workers who park at the airport.  Global247News Twitter

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