Wild bird arrest of two bird catchers in Spain's Malaga City Costa del Sol

A CAR full of wild birds caught illegally was stopped by police in Malaga city.

IN the boot of the car, National Police discovered a cage carrying wild birds and equipment used to capture them illegally.

The strange behaviour of the cars driver, when questioned by police raised suspicions and officers from the Prevention and Reaction Unit decided to search the car.

On inspection, they found more than 20 finches, Canaries, Goldfinches, and other species.

According to sources, they had been captured in a nearby field and two Spanish men, aged 32 and 35, are under investigation for an alleged crime against flora and fauna.

The rescued birds were released into their natural habitat.

Eyewitness Josė Lopez told Global247news what he witnessed, he said: “The cops pulled the car and then searched the boot, as they opened it birds started flying everywhere – it wasn’t what you normally see here in the city, the car also had lots of nets in it which I suspect they had been catching the birds with, the cops cuffed the two men on the spot and took them away”

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