WARNING: Paypal add sneaky £12 charge on dormant accounts

 PayPal are set to place charges on ‘dormant’ accounts as December will see £12 charged to accounts that are considered inactive.

PayPal will be hitting users with the £12 charge in December for inactive accounts, unless of course you are registered in Ireland or in Hungary. Now is a good time to check your account as the charge will go out on December 16 and will hit those who have not used their account in over 12 months.

For users that currently have a balance, PayPal will be able to use this money, but if the balance is in zero mode  users should be safe although if you a card is registered to PayPal experts are warning to remove the details.

Users with inactive accounts should have been receiving warnings of the upcoming payments direct from PayPal although once again experts are stating that often PayPal emails hit users ‘spam boxes’ and millions don’t get the information.

Financial expert, Stephen Williams also warns: “PayPal are a rule to their own, they are the most complicated payment system in the world, I have hundreds of clients who have thousands ‘locked’ in accounts, simply because PayPal changed it’s rules – personally I advise never to use the PayPal system for business payments”

” These latest charges are a fine example of them making up the rules as they go along, the £12 fee will make them millions across the world overnight” he added.




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