Police suspect covered in shit while trying to evade arrest

A man who was allegedly driving a stolen car found himself covered in poo after jumping in to a slurry pit in an attempt to escape police officers.

Police suspect covered in shit: Sussex Police officers released a picture of the suspect covered in excrement after his attempt at a getaway failed. The picture, depicting an officer wearing gloves and standing behind the suspect, went viral after being posted on Facebook. Along with the picture came the story which was said in the form of a poem by the force and went like this:

“This passenger of a stolen car thought he could get away, but it turned out not to be his lucky day. Eager to evade and fleeing in a hurry, the suspect was eventually arrested, neck-deep in a pit of slurry. Thanks to determined officers a rescue ensued, and they all ended up safe, but covered in cow poo.”

The suspect’s misfortune became a hilarious talking point on Facebook with one user saying “Hope he was made to strip before getting into the car and clothes bagged for evidence. Well done Sussex police and who ever got him out, after having a good laugh. Bet the farmer said a few choice words.”

Another posted ”They say what goes round comes around – the prisoner definitely got his dues just sorry you had to get the back end of it.” Slurry pits involve mixing animal waste with hay and water from washing down animal enclosures and the end material, which gives off deadly gases, is eventually used as fertilizer by farmers.

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