Janet Grimstead Of Chard Somerset Attempts eBay Phone Theft But Gets Tracked Down

Janet Grimstead of Chard in Somerset is alleged to have attempted an Ebay phone theft from a Suffolk health worker

Charlie Fraser, a dedicated health worker residing in Suffolk, took to eBay to purchase an expensive Samsung S9 mobile phone.

Unfortunately  the mobile phone was involved in a Royal Mail mix up and the delivery instead of being sent to Suffolk was delivered to Chard Somerset.

Fed up Charlie, took to playing detective and tracked down and address in the Somerset town after she discovered that the phone had been signed for, despite the parcel address being in a completely different name.

Cheated Suffolk Health Worker Charlie

In an attempt to trace the person in Chard who had signed for the delivery, Charlie posted into the area’s local Facebook group ‘Chard Community Group’.

She posted:

“Hi guys n girls. I’m looking for some help.. I recently bought a expensive samsung s9 from a seller on ebay. The phone has been mixed up and sent to a chard somerset address (I live in suffolk) and signed for yesterday afternoon by the name murphy, postcode TA201ET stringfellow crescent chard. (I know the door number but will not reveal that publicly YET) it wasn’t the sellers fault it was a royal mail mix up.. would now have to wait until at least the 14th of December for seller to report item as missing. This phone is a Christmas present that I can’t afford to replace in the meantime. Does anyone know of someone on that road with this name.. or if you are the person that signed for it.. Could you PLEASE inbox me to get it delivered to myself. I will pay the postage costs and no fraud investigation will come from it. I just need that phone for my boy. Please if anyone can help.”

Despite the plea, nobody can forward to return the parcel, but then the community of Chard started to assist the Suffolk health worker after Charlie issued another posting into the community group

She posted:

****EDIT*** i wasnt going to post the door number publicly as i wanted to give the person a chance to be honest.. however when i received the details of the person and messaged her..she instantly blocked me.. they live at door number 34 stringfellow crescent..JANET GRIMSTEAD.. i need that phone..if anyone can help retrieve it..i would be eternally greatful****

Parcel Traced To Chard Somerset

Locals of the town had identified the alleged culprit and went to knock her door to find that Grimstead would not answer despite reports the ‘blagger’ clearly being at home.

At present the alleged culprit Grimstead has still yet to come forward although it’s reported Avon & Somerset police are now investigating.

Charlie Gets ‘Blocked’

A spokesperson for the force said: ” We are aware of the incident and the complaint, whilst we can’t currently comment on this individual case, we would urge the alleged perpetrator, to do the correct thing and contact the rightful owner of the property and return it”

“We take mail theft very seriously at all times and we will press charges when we have the full facts and evidence in place if the property is not returned promptly”

Meanwhile after being contacted by Charlie, Global247news have sent an investigator to the area, CEO Seth Utan said:

“I’m appalled that someone could do such a thing, especially at Christmas, and now we will fully investigate Janet Grimestead, being from Suffolk myself I am appalled that one of our health workers has been put under such pressure”

“If you know Grimestead – advise her to do the decent thing straight away – I can assure you it will be in her best interest” he finished.

Do you know Grimestead?



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