UK Pub Landlords Complain £1000 Relief Payment For 'Wet Boozers' Not Enough

PUB owners say the government’s £1,000 payment for ‘wet’ boozers ‘ is not enough’ and hundreds will go out of business.

Pub landlords have warned the government that the new tier system will force traditional old fashioned pubs out of business after the proposed support package was met with derision. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today that all ‘wet’ pubs that do not serve food would be given a one-off grant of £1,000- many landlords called it ‘a joke’.

The PM said the payout was to recognise ‘how hard they have been hit by this virus in what is typically their busiest month’. However, one pub landlord accused the Prime Minister of using the monetary ‘token gesture’ as a means to appease Tory rebels who were criticising the tier system.

The chair of the Campaign for Pubs, Paul Crossman, who runs The Swan, The Slip Inn and Volunteer Arms pubs in York, said the meagre £1,000 grant has ‘offended’ pub owners and warned it spells the end for many old fashioned ‘wet’ pubs that do not serve food.

‘A lot of publicans are saying they are really offended by this amount. It might sound a lot to someone in the street but the revenues that pubs have to take to stay afloat, £1000 is nothing. It won’t save any pub, put it that way. The support package on offer still falls well short of covering basic costs for the vast majority of pubs, let alone compensating them for any of the trade that is being denied them over the vital festive period’  Global247News Twitter

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