Ex Pats In Spain Rush For UK Vaccine But Costa Del Sol Doctor Warns They Won't Get It

British Ex Pats based in Spain are rushing home for COVID vaccine that starts next week

British nationals who reside in Spain upon hearing the news that Britain will start rolling out a vaccine are rushing back to their homeland to receive.

Flight bookings this morning for UK returns with all airline carriers have increased by 48% airline booking staff have reported.

Daniel Tilbury, who works as a booking operator, revealed to Global247news how bookings this morning have been immense compared to recent times and that bookings are so far up 48% at the start of the day.

Daniel said: “It appears with the announcement this morning that the vaccine will be rolled out from next week in the UK, Brits are heading home to obtain it against the deadly virus, many have mentioned it on both the phone lines and on email their reason for flying home”

“We have seen an increase so far today of 48% of British nationals flying back to the UK, mainly from Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca, we expect this to be even higher by the end of the day” he added.

Although Costa del Sol based doctor Dr Rupert Hayman, a private doctor to many of the rich and famous, tells how he feels that it will be a waste of time for the ex pats trying to jump the system, he says: ” I can’t see them getting it, from my understanding from medical associates in the UK, there will be strict and rigorous checks to who receives when and those coming from outside the UK will be bottom of the pile of applications”

” A contact within the NHS has told me to advise my patients – ‘not to even think about it’ – medical regulators will be offering to those citizens who live in the UK and not those who have taken the choice to live abroad”

Spain is not due to see a full scale vaccine until at least February or March 2021 although it appears ex pats in Spain feel as being British they should be entitled to it in the UK.

Business owner Kevin Davies, now resident in Benidorm but from the Welsh town of Treforest just outside Pontypridd feels differently as he said: ” We are British at the end of the day holding British passports, we should be entitled like every other British person, it should be done by age groups of every British passport holder, not based on where you live, I will go back to get it, lets face it it’s the British government who messed up in the first place and killed our trade here, we have only followed the rules and run businesses within Europe under EU law and open borders, we are still British”

“I will find away, they won’t be able to check everyone flying in, we still have British bases” he added defiantly.

With Brexit on the horizon though and with no deal currently in place, Ex pats have been rushing to file for Spanish residency, and this will be the stalling block for many according to Doctor Hayman, one of the checks will to which country you are resident to he said.

“Residency checks will be a big factor in the play of things, if you are a Spanish resident and have registered prior to Brexit, in my opinion you will have no chance of a UK vaccine – there is no point trying to ‘cheat’ the system.” he finished.

Citizens in the UK believe its the full and correct procedure and that ex pats should stay in Spain and wait for the Spanish vaccine roll out, HMRC Officer, Christopher Jacob said:

“Ex pats have made their bed and should lie in it, the majority pay into the Spanish tax system and avoid the British one and contribute nothing to the UK’s NHS, with Brexit as well, they have decided to choose Spain over Britain, they should and hopefully will have to wait with the Spanish”



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