Switzerland sees infections of corona virus halve without a national lockdown

Daily new infections in Switzerland have halved since the beginning of November without a lockdown, showing that the country is emerging as a leader on how it should be handled.

Switzerland sees infections of corona virus halve: Pubs, restaurants and gyms in many parts of the country have also remained open. Swiss Government doctors last week hailed the figures as a “triumph” and will be evidence, if it’s needed, that the tier system in the UK can work. There has been no general lockdown in the country, with each area deciding on their own measures, with the hardest hit areas implementing the toughest restrictions.

People are now saying that Switzerland is the “new Sweden” after refusing to follow other countries into a lockdown and only imposed limited restrictions at a national level. They set a limit of 10 people allowed to be in the same gathering, an 11pm curfew for restaurants and made face masks compulsory in public areas. Each area was allowed to make their own restrictions, with Geneva going for a full lockdown while other major cities allowed pubs, gyms and restaurants to stay open throughout.

However new infection rates kept falling. On 5th November the country recorded 10,128 new cases with 26.2% of tests positive. Just over three weeks later, on November 27, new cases were down to 4,312 and positive tests to 15.8 per cent.

Swiss government medical advisor Thomas Steffen told a press conference last week that “The Swiss special way has worked. The slowdown has reversed the infection trend. Now we have to stick with it.”

He went on to say “The development of the past few weeks is positive, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves. The decline in infections was primarily observed in cantons that previously had high numbers of cases. These cantons took additional measures.” Switzerland is currently locked in a stand-off with other European governments over its decision to keep its ski resorts open despite pressure from France, Italy and Germany for a Europe-wide ban.

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