A star of Channel 4 popular TV programme “A New Life In The Sun” has hit out in regards ‘snitches’ on Fuengirola port on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Steve Lewis who starred on the popular TV show after moving to set up a new life in Spain’s Fuengirola has taken to social media to hit out at others operating bars in Spain’s Fuengirola port, where Lewis has his latest business venture.

Lewis who used to operate the Six Bells pub in Barrow Upon Humber, where he was a very popular landlord along with his wife Gill, took the plunge and moved to the Costa del Sol and ended up on the sea front in the holiday town of Fuengirola, setting up Mariners On The Marina, which sat on the front of the port.

Mariners On The Marina – was featured in the Channel 4 TV show New Life in the Sun, the new business for the couple became a local favourite establishment for both local ex pats living in the region and thousands of visiting holiday makers.

Due to it’s success, Lewis sold the bar with a good profit, taking a new bar behind the Marina, whilst opening yet another known as the Red Lion on the Paeso in the town.

Although now the area has been hit badly due to the pandemic, firstly being closed down during a State Of Emergency, that saw everything locked down totally for nearly 3 months and thus after hit with heavy restrictions placed by the Andalucian  governing bodies.

With tourism and foot flow torn apart on Spain’s Costa del Sol with financial crisis now taking place for many British ex- pats who made the same move to a life in the sun, running a bar it appears much ‘bitchiness’ has set in among bar owners forcing Steve Lewis to make his statement publicly.

The successful businessman hit out:

“No wonder the port is like it is you complain about each others music which in turn gets a visit by the Police who then get a fine, now you complain about my advert because if you look close enough you can see the words Red Lion so just goes to show how sad you are complaining about a pub that is closed because of this pandemic, for God sake get a life and concentrate on your own business.”

The port bars and restaurant owners in recent times, as they battle for trade, have been reporting each other over playing music, leading to fines from the police, but now the no nonsense, straight talking Lewis clearly has had enough go the regions ‘sniping’ whilst he was reported over a single advertisement for a Christmas lunch.

The reported advertisement

Although Steve Lewis appeared to remain as polite as possible, his customers had far more stronger matters to say.

Carlton Blackmore tells Global247news: ” The port area in Fuengirola has got very ‘bitchy’ especially, hey the whole town is known for it’s gossip amongst the ex pat community at the best of times, but now its going way over the top”

“Bar owners are fighting for survival as well as many other business establishments, money is drying up and now they are turning on each other, how sad reporting a simple poster!” he said.

“Steve is one of the hardest working landlords around here and he certainly doesn’t need this nonsense, although it hasn’t surprised me – the port area can be a bitch fest on the best of times, especially now as bars close by the day”

“Ex-pats should be sticking together, not back stabbing each other like this, its sad and pathetic” he finished.

Another Lewis supporter, Geoff Green, said: ” Clearly some have it in for Steve, why? – because he’s always been the most popular landlord and successful, he’s an outstanding  host and character and It looks like jealousy to me”

“Unfortunately thats a British trait” he said

“Although I will say the Christmas dinner menu looks superb and I guess that’s why the snipers are out” he finished.


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