Malaga Mother In Spain Gets 16 Years For Leaving Baby 'Home Alone' For A Month Before Death Discovered

A mother of a seventeen-month-old that left her baby to die has been sentenced to sixteen years in jail by the court of Malaga.

The mother who had a history of leaving her baby alone for periods of time when she went to work – left her baby to die when she left for a whole month.

The baby had been left alone with only some cookies and a bottle, and no one had been told that the baby was home alone.

The crime was only discovered when family came to visit and insisted on seeing the baby.

The mother received just 15 years for murder and was also given just 12 months for abandonment.

After the trial, residents of Malaga were appalled the sentence whilst questioning Social services.

Maria Lopez told Global247news: ” I can’t believe she only got 16 years – it should have been at least 30 years, and where was Social services?  the woman had a history of leaving the child ‘home alone’ – it’s appalling that this still happens in this day and age, the child should have been taken from her way before”  Global247News Twitter

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