'Caring At Christmas Charity' Organisers Ask For Help From Facebook Group Admins On Spain's Costa Del Sol

Businessman and charity organiser Gary Adamson has shared his frustration on Spain’s Costa Del Sol as he attempts to raise the profile of a worthy cause worldwide

Bars Abroad Managing Director Gary Adamson, has vented his frustration at ex-pat Facebook group admins for blocking his charity work.

Gary, took to social media, to raise awareness of his plight after staging a successful ‘ Race Day’ to assist raising funds for his charity campaign, which he set up with his daughter Lauren.

Gary posted his frustration by saying:

“WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please help us to share our posts as due to several BRITISH facebook pages we have been BLOCKED from sharing! We find this unbelievable given this is a charity page and are not selling anything… we are giving food away! Why would they complain and get us blocked? So please help us to share our posts as this is a major drawback in spreading the word to the people who truly could do with a little break and a bit of help at Christmas.”

The frustration by the British ex pat originally from Somerset, is that whilst he pushes his and his daughters campaign that will ensure all those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in Spain, receive a Christmas lunch, British ex pat Facebook group owners and admins are banning him from posting.

Now the big hearted charity campaigner is appealing to the British community in Spain, simply to allow him to spread his word.

Ex pat Linda Williams, who attended the race event at the popular Luna Bar in Torreblanca, shared her own frustration with Global247news, whilst asking for assistance, she said ” We need you media to give s much publicity as you can – Gary & Lauren are working so hard to ensure everyone, whatever nationality get fed on Christmas Day, this pandemic is nobodies fault and it’s affected everyone from business owners to the homeless”

“In regards Gary’s posts getting blocked, who on earth could complain about such a great cause, but that is happening, people are actually complaining and reporting Gary’s posts, it’s unbelievable really, those complainers should thank themselves lucky they can have a Christmas Dinner”

Although when we spoke exclusively with Gary this afternoon he was despite the frustrations, ‘over the moon’ with the results from the race day at the Luna Bar, as he revealed: ” Due to the fantastic support from Mark & Barbara Sutherland, the Luna Bar owners, we managed to raise an incredible €550 on the afternoon, I can’t thank the bar owners enough and all their customers who attended for their support”

” I want to feed as many people as I possibly can, so please continue to support us on our Just Giving Page 

“We have raised €605 on there, thanks to so many, especially the singers and production guys who put together our Christmas song”

The song itself has become the largest played tune in Torreblanca bars and those of Los Boliches.

“This is all about feeding as many people as possible on the day, I don’t think people realise how many people are suffering  here in Spain, it’s so bad for so many and we can at least bring great cheer to everyone on Christmas Day”

” So please keep the money rolling in and please everyone who reads this article – share it out far and wide so we can feed as many people as possible ” Says Gary.

” Myself and Lauren will beat all the odds and pull this off, whatever it takes, and whatever is thrown in front of us, won’t stop us, now we have to focus on the preparation of ensuring that every citizen on the Costa del Sol that have been financially affected get a dinner, whatever nationality, we are here to serve everyone we can” he added.

” In total we have raised around €1500, which is fantastic but if we can raise more to feed more, that will be the icing on the cake, nothing will stop us pulling this off”

“I really urge everyone to share, share and share again” he finished.

Local resident Jimmy Danfo who has seen the tremendous efforts applied by Gary first hand on many occasions told how he personally feels and has written to request an OBE for the charitable pair, he said : ” I’ve seen Gary close to tears on a few occasions, he’s putting blood sweat and tears into this, the they released the song, I witnessed the emotion and how much it meant to him, he sneaked to the toilet as he broke down, many didn’t notice but I did”

“I’ve written to Downing Street, I want him to have an OBE” said Jimmy.

The final word came from supportive Mark Sutherland who appealed out to those who enjoy going to Spain on holiday, he emotionally pleaded: ” All those of you who travel to Spain with the likes of Jet2 and TUI, I doubt you understand the situation here, those who entertain you during your visits are really, really struggling, they simply have no income, if we don’t help them now, then they won’t be here when you return, all we are asking is you help keep their spirits up over Christmas and ensure they get a dinner, they are battling for survival during these present times, there’s no work until restrictions are lifted and you the holiday makers return, please assist where you can, every little donation will help” said the popular bar owner.


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