Government will not rule out third lockdown for England in January

Speaking this morning Environment secretary George Eustice said that a third national lockdown for England in January is not “off the table” due to the ever-changing situation. And told Sky News that “You can’t rule anything out because this is a rapidly developing situation.”

Government will not rule out third lockdown for England in January: However he did go on to say “Provided we maintain the tiered approach for as long as necessary, I don’t think it will be necessary to go back into another full lockdown.” His comments came this morning after yesterday’s (Sunday) speech from Dominic Raab who warned of a third wave of the virus if “we don’t get the balance right.”

Speaking on BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show, Raab said when questioned on a third lockdown at the beginning of 2021 that “We’re doing everything we can to avoid that.” England’s current lockdown is set to end this Wednesday with the 3 tier system replacing it if passed by an MP’s vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

It has been agreed by the Government and administrations that families across the UK will be allowed to create “Christmas bubbles” of up to three different households between the 23rd and 27th of December (22nd to 28th in Ireland). Scientific advice has also been issued warning families to self-isolate for 10 days before Christmas and for members of the public to spend no more than 15 minutes in each store while Christmas shopping.

Eustice said today that up to 100 Tory MPs “have got concerns” about the new restrictions. He said “The chief whip, obviously, will be talking to those MPs who have got concerns. I’ve seen suggestions that there could be up to 100 or so people that have got concerns. I think there is great frustration with the emergency measures that we have had to take to deal with this pandemic.

We haven’t taken them lightly. We have had to take these to get the virus under control. What we need to show to those MPs and to the country at large is that we have got a clear route towards fixing this problem and turning the corner.” Asked if the government would have to rely on Labour, which remains undecided, to get the coronavirus restrictions through the Commons, Eustice said: “It will depend on what other parties do. Yes, it will depend on what the Labour Party choose to do.”  Global247News Twitter

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