Couple face imprisonment for sex and drug rings at London brothels

A married couple who ran brothels in Marylebone and Kensington where young girls, who were victims of human trafficking, were forced to work as prostitutes are facing jail.

Couple face imprisonment for sex and drug rings at London brothels: Wai Tsang, 52, and Wenwen Pan, 40 forced the women into working 24 hours a day and only allowed them to leave the brothels to be taken to hotels and homes where they had to sleep with the clients. The women were also ordered by the couple to sell drugs, including cocaine and crystal meth, to the customers after they had been stripped of their passports.

The brothels were masquerading as massage parlours and were only discovered after one of the women walked into a police station to say that she had been sold into the sex industry to pay her husband’s gambling debts. She told police that Tsang, called “Big Brother”, had taken her to appointments while Pan, nicknamed “Mimi”, had pulled her hair out, beaten her and threatened to kill her when she refused to sell the drugs to clients.

The victim had arrived from China in December 2015 and recalls being raped by a man the on the same night she got to London. Tsang and Pan made her have sex with up to 10 clients a day and she was only allowed out of her room to be driven to sex appointments she said. She managed to escape in July 2019 and went to the police where she picked Tsang out in a line-up as her aggressor.

The police raided the couple’s home in Paddington after gathering evidence by posing as customers at the brothels. At a hearing yesterday (Thursday) at Isleworth Crown Court the couple were found guilty of conspiracy to commit human trafficking, controlling prostitution for gain and possession of criminal property for gain.

One of the investigating officers, PC Sam Bhangu, said “Tsang and Pan were part of a conspiracy directing and controlling the activities of sex workers. They had absolutely no regard for the well being of the women they controlled. They dehumanised them and treated them as objects for their own personal financial gain. The victim was controlled by this couple for years.

She was forced to have sex with multiple men a day and she was even subject to violence and terrifying threats if Tsang and Pan were unhappy with her. She was trapped in this nightmare for months on end because she was in genuine fear of her own life and the lives of her loved ones. However, in the end she found the courage to go to the police, which freed her from Tsang and Pan’s toxic grasp and now sees them facing a lengthy stint behind bars.”

Both Tsang and Pan were remanded in custody until sentencing on January 22 next year.  Global247News Twitter

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