Clashes as Maradona coffin viewing cut short for early burial

The funeral of Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona sparked violent clashes in Buenos Aires. After thousands of fans were left unable to get a look at his coffin which was laid in state on Thursday.

Clashes as Maradona coffin viewing cut short for early burial: Many thousands were able to pay their respects to their hero before his family announced at 6pm that the coffin would be going for an early burial. The footballer had passed away the previous day from a heart attack at the age of 60. Fans had joined together across the city wearing football strips and waving flags. Whilst singing songs to pay their respects.

As people became impatient because they could not catch a glimpse of the casket they started throwing bottles and bricks at police. Who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. Only family members and close friends were able to attend the actual funeral. Which saw Diego buried next to his parents Dalma and Diego. Public viewing of the coffin started at 6.15am. And fans had queued for hours to pay respects along with team mates from the 1986 World Cup.

One of the first members of the public to view him laying in state, Nahuel de Lima, 30, said. “He made Argentina be recognized all over the world. Who speaks of Maradona also speaks of Argentina. “Diego is the people… Today the shirts, the political flags don’t matter. We came to say goodbye to a great that gave us a lot of joy.”  Global247News Twitter

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