Prisoner Paul Fitzgerald, 30, has been found guilty of murdering Richard Huckle, a fellow inmate who was dubbed as "Britain's worst paedophile".

Prisoner Paul Fitzgerald, 30, has been found guilty of murdering Richard Huckle. A fellow inmate who was dubbed as “Britain’s worst pedophile”.

Britain’s worst pedophile murdered by cellmate: The prisoner said he wanted Huckle to experience the “degradation and humiliation” that he put his victims through. Huckle was found dead in his cell last year at Full Sutton prison in Yorkshire. He had originally been sentenced to 22 life terms for the abuse of 200 children. And was discovered with a pen inserted in his brain and had been strangled.

The pedophiles abuse of babies, toddlers and young children occurred in Malasyia. Where he used a teaching qualification and religion to gain access to the children. After a four day hearing it took the jury at Hull Crown Court just one hour to reach a guilty verdict on Fitzgerald. Prosecutor Alistair MacDonald QC opened the trial by saying that Fitzgerald had admitted to sexually assaulting Huckle. Even though he didn’t find him sexually attractive and called him “Britain’s worst paedophile”.

Mr McDonald said “He (Fitzgerald) said that Richard Huckle was a man who raped and abused children for fun. And that he suspected Richard Huckle had done more than merely rape his victims. This was a carefully planned and executed attack. In the course of which Mr Huckle had been subjected to a prolonged attack also designed to humiliate and degrade him.”

He added that staff at the hospital admitted that Fitzgerald had told them he “enjoyed” the killing. And requested that they cook parts of Huckle’s body for him to eat.

Later, Fitzgerald had denied the murder charge. Having argued that his medical conditions of mixed personality disorder, psychopathy and gender identity disorder had impaired his ability to exercise self-control.

Earlier, during the trial Fitzgerald took the stand to say. “My problem is I just don’t have the ability to control myself. I don’t have the ability to look at people and see them as human beings. Nor do I value them, and don’t care about them. Also I don’t feel bad about hurting people.  I don’t have the capacity to feel remorse.” Fitzgerald is due to be sentenced at Hull Crown Court today (Tuesday).  Global247News Twitter

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