Violence erupted at an anti-lockdown protest in Essex which led to several police officers being injured and twelve people arrested.

Violence erupted at an anti-lockdown protest in Essex. Which led to several police officers being injured and twelve people arrested.

Twelve arrests made at anti-lockdown protest in Essex: The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon and police were called to the scene of the protest. Where they detained a number of individuals for breaking restrictions. Video footage taken at the scene shows officers wrestling men to the ground before handcuffing them and leading them away. Protestors had taken to the streets around Basildon town centre with placards. And were heard to be chanting “freedom”.

Earlier, Essex police reported a number of officers had been hurt during the scuffle. But none were said to have major injuries. However, seven fines were issued to the protestors. Cllr Gavin Hancock, leader of Basildon Council, called the protest “idiotic”. And said in a Tweet “Police officers and their families have been put in totally avoidable danger. Thanks to the idiotic protestors taking to our streets and causing trouble today.

Also, I hope the “protestors” have the book thrown at them.” Superintendent Bonnie Moore from the Essex police said. “This was a clear and blatant breach of the Government’s COVID-19 regulations. And those who took part have risked their health and those of their loved ones through the spread of the virus.

Our approach to the Government’s regulations has always been to try to engage with people, explain the regulations, and encourage them to do the right thing.

Additionally, today that was not successful, and we had to take enforcement action. A number of our officers involved today also reported being injured. But, thankfully, their injuries are relatively minor.

Currently, I know these are challenging times for everyone. But we all have a responsibility to help keep each other safe. Having to deal with clear and blatant breaches of the regulations means having to take our officers away from dealing with other incidents. And affects our ability to respond to other forms of crime.

Now, most people across Essex are doing that and I thank you for it. It means we can spend more time doing what we do best. Helping people, keeping people safe, and catching criminals.”  Global247News Twitter

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