The landlady of the Taffs Well Inn has made a statement struck out & claiming she follows all COVID regulations

In recent weeks, the Taffs Well Inn situated just outside Cardiff and sitting at the bottom of the Welsh valleys has been in the media spotlight after visits from the South Wales Police.

The attention came after police followed up on reports of a villager who ‘bunked’ from the village during the local lockdown period prior to the national ‘fire break’ lockdown visiting both Crete & Athens.

The long established villager, Andrew Parsells and his cohort, Coronavirus coach driver Andy Simmons, departed the UK to avoid the pending  ‘fire break’ and only returned after it was over.

Whilst they were cleared by police over the ‘escape’ by South Wales Police eventually, mystery still surrounded the case to how the villager beat the local lockdown, when regulations clearly stated no ‘cross border’ travel.

Although they had not traveled against any advice as suggested.

It’s been discovered since though and fully supported by the South Wales Police, no laws were actually broken as they did not leave their transport until they reached England and Bristol Airport. It was not law but just a guideline.

Whilst Parsells and Simmonds were totally cleared after a police visit to Parsells local pub and home as previously reported

The landlady of the Taffs Well Inn, Marsh Ward responded with an email to the Global247news news desk:

Upset Marsha said: I am appalled by the negative slant placed on the Taffs Well Inn in the article. To set the record straight. Andrew Bluebirnips Parsells attended our premises & we had no idea that he had been travelling against advice.

The Police arrived after he had left and we were surprised to be told not to serve Andrew.

A message was immediately sent out to our team to advise them that he could not enter the pub following Police advice.

We were contacted by the Police again and advised that Andrew was clear to attend again. We updated our team accordingly.

We reject this articles inference that any flouting of rules were undertaken.

Those that visit our premises will confirm that we have strict measures in place. The author of this article has made no attempt to contact us for comment and such slanderous statements will be met in future with a Cease & Desist Order.”

Taffs Well Inn Strict Procedures



Meanwhile, Global247news caught up with the man Andrew Parsells the focal figure in all the controversy.

He said: ” Listen, I simply went on holiday, I knew the ‘fire break’ was approaching, for my mental state, I needed to get away – we did, it was a great trip and Andy & I went to Crete and then onto Athens, why not? we actually got caught up in an earthquake!”

” I have been proved innocent by the South Wales Police, in fact I even called them after their visit to the Taffs Well Inn, despite my favourite landlord contacting me to advise of the visit and stating he could not serve me for 14 days, the law is the law at the  end of the day and despite villagers here in Taffs Well, basically trying to ‘grass me up’ – it’s failed.”

“I know who they are” he finished.






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