Cardiff City centre was destitute today despite the lockdown having finished in Wales and only around 4 weeks to Christmas

Cardiff residents were amazed today by certain European News websites that claimed a ‘shopping frenzy’ on the streets of the Welsh Capital.

With the Capital recently coming out of lockdown the normally vibrant streets were not bare totally but nothing even comparable to a normal Saturday – let alone with just 4 weeks roughly to Christmas Day.

Despite this, journalists in ” European News” who have recently started to report on Wales,  claimed,”Welsh shoppers eagerly took to the High Street in their droves to get their Christmas gift buying done while millions in England are stuck in lockdown. The streets of Cardiff were filled with shoppers enjoying their freedom in Wales which was in stark contrast to the streets of London and Glasgow which remain eerily quiet,”

Paul Taylor from Gwaelod – Y- Garth contacted Global247news to say the comments were totally misleading, Taylor who operates a retail outlet on Queens Street said: ” Who is this Tony Winterburn reporting this farcical article? He can’t have witnessed Cardiff on a normal Saturday that’s all I can say, I doubt he’s ever been to Cardiff!”

” I note he’s reporting from Spain, so how would he know what the streets of Cardiff are like? – we don’t need outsiders like him reporting nonsense, business is tough enough as it is with the lack of foot flow without him trying to make out we are flooded with business, it’s simply not true, numbers are well done”

Unlike Global247news, who have reporters in both South And West Wales, Winterburn reports on the Welsh Capital some 800 miles away, leaving it, it seems to imagination, from a newspaper title on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Cardiff Castle dead as a doornail despite reports: Credit Emma Davies

Emma Davies, from Radyr in Cardiff, was one of those today to witness the empty streets, the normally ‘rammed area’ by Cardiff Castle was she described and photographed as destitute compared to normal.

When we asked her for her views on Cardiff City centre today she said: ” Dead really, was really surprised how little people were about compared to last year, I took my grandson along QueenStreet and down to the Castle, literally there was a handful of people at anyone time”

” I haven’t seen the reports that it was packed, but that should be regarded as ‘false news’ as that really wasn’t the case.”

Jamie Sullivan, owner of the largest fruit and veg stall in Cardiff’s famous indoor market was disgusted by the reports, when questioned, ” It’s been an awful days trade, it’s obviously been bad for a while now but in fairness we have just reopened up, we are missing the large foot flow we get from England for starters on a weekend as well as the surrounding towns and villages aren’t traveling in – we need support, not ‘fake news’ that we are vibrant and packed out” he said.

“That certainly will no assist trade, and this fake news needs to stop now” he demanded.

At time of press, Global247news have researched for a journalist on the Costa del Sol known as ‘Tony Winterburn’ but it appears so far nobody of that name exists and so couldn’t contact him for comment.


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