A fed up dad gets his son to stand inside a six-foot deep pothole on a country road to show council bosses how big it is.

Aron Cross, 52, was so frustrated by the local authority failing to mend the hole for a whole year that Lewis, 27, stood in it to prove how deep the pot hole actually is.

The glamping boss said he reported the hole in Wycoller, near Pendle, Lancashire, to Lancashire County Council’s highways team 12 months ago.

Council bosses claim the road is a “country track bordered by a ditch which people who drive in rural areas will be familiar with”.

But Mr Cross denies the claim saying it is an adopted road that was wide enough for a single vehicle and he is amazed it had not been spotted during a recent inspection.

The father say’s: ”

“I think it’s important to understand that the county council claim to have inspected this adopted highway, only a couple of weeks ago.

“If someone is walking with a pushchair, they’ve got no chance because they won’t see the hole,

“A child could easily be killed if they fall down it.

“It is a big hole. My son is about six foot tall. He had to stand on a rock so he could see above it.

“They still haven’t put any physical barriers around it, which I find shocking.

“Obviously, this brings the competence and validity of the inspection in to question and if they failed to see that hole, it is little wonder they missed everything else.”

Mr Cross said he’s considering legal action over the ongoing issue as he and his partner’s cars have been damaged by the uneven road surface as well as a protruding tree on the road.

“The hole was reported to the council a year ago and many times since. It is disgraceful,” he said.

“The duty of care and responsibility remains the same regardless of whatever you decide to call an adopted highway.” he further added.

Although a council spokesperson replied: “This is a country track bordered by a ditch which people who drive in rural areas will be familiar with.

“We maintain it to a safe level, and couldn’t find any large holes at the side when it was inspected recently.

“We will ask Mr Cross for the precise location where the photo was taken so that we can carry out further checks and take action if needed.”

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