No big parties or parades on Spain's Costa del Sol says President as he prepares for Christmas

Andalucía President Moreno spoke in Malaga today warning that Christmas won’t see any big parties or parades.

The President address the press conference by saying:

“After we analyse the data of the last 14 days, we will make decisions regarding the current situation of Andalucia,” the leader told reporters today.

“I am referring to decisions affecting the movement of citizens i.e restricting mobility.”
Moreno, speaking in Malaga, said Christmas was the top priority and that he would make unpopular decisions if it means saving  the festive season.
“I would like us to be able to enjoy Christmas as much as possible, that means regaining travel between provinces, and of course between regions, so we can visit family and friends,” he said.
“I want the most normal Christmas possible; that’s our goal… but I can already see that this year is not going to be the same as last year.”
There will be no big parades or parties, Moreno said.
“It will be a special Christmas and we will try our hardest to recover travel and mobility but that will depend on the Andalucians.”
The people on Spain’s Costa del Sol though are fearing even further restrictions although there doesn’t seem to be any reasons in the region to restrict further.
” He can’t apply more surely, it’s as tight as it can get here” remarked Jenny Catton in Fuengirola.
Although pessimistic John Lord said: ” It sounds very worrying to me, I think he will go tougher on Sunday for 2/3 weeks to ensure he saves Christmas and Three Kings”
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