Welsh Valleys Anti COVID Regulation Campaigner Infected With Coronavirus

A staunch hard core anti COVID regulation campaigner from the Welsh valleys has tested positive for Coronavirus

Welsh Valleys Anti COVID Regulation Campaigner Infected With Coronavirus: Steven Thomas, who since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic has campaigned across Wales whilst defying the authorities regulations has tested positive for COVID-19 and is reported to be feeling very unwell and suffering from the deadly virus.

Thomas, from Bargoed in the South Wales valleys has campaigned vigorously against every regulation set by both the Welsh government and the UK government.

The campaigner who has marched through the streets of Westminster as well as gone on many marches and protests in Wales, has claimed that people are not wearing masks, but muzzles as they are silenced by politicians.

Thomas, who’s last broadcast on his social media and Youtube channels, was that he cited people as ‘sheep’ and warned that people were more likely to die from the pending vaccines than the virus.

The statement caused uproar in South Wales especially, and the anti COVID campaigner went as far as applying for an injunction against Global247news for producing his picture after the public backlash.

Whilst the injunction application is being processed by our New York lawyers – we can though reveal that the ‘loud mouthed’ campaigner has tested positive and suffering severe symptoms due to COVID.

On inspection this afternoon it appears the campaigner has removed all his social media campaigning channels.

Neighbours in the Welsh town of Bargoed reported to Global247news how they saw medics go to the home of the campaigner after witnessing them go into his home in hazmat suits.

A neighbour said: ” They arrived around 7pm yesterday evening and entered his home all suited up for safety, I think they took him away on a stretcher as one was taken into the house, although I couldn’t see if he came back out on it – so we don’t know If he’s gone to hospital or self isolating, his wife earlier in the day whilst shopping told my wife he wasn’t feeling very well as was suffering with a heavy flu like cold”

“If you have a look all his social media channels have disappeared – somethings defiantly going on, I never agreed with his views although as a neighbour I hold nothing against him, we live in a free world and everyone’s entitled to an opinion” he said.

Although some residents of the area are not so forgiving, Maggie Wilson feels he should not not be treated, the nurse from nearby Caerphilly, said: ” This man has talked so much rubbish since March, I guess it’s a case of Karma, but considering how much nonsense he’s come out with  should he be treated by those who he has launched attacks about? – I bet he’s thankful now for NHS staff and treatments all the same, when he’s better he should make a public apology to everyone”

Lawyers for Thomas, who presented the injunction application, were contacted this morning, who said: ” We have no comment to make at this stage apart from we will continue to progress with our injunction, The health and wellbeing of our client is not for discussion and not relevant to the application”

Thomas who despite being regarded as a ‘clown’ by the majority does have a large following of conspiracy followers after several months of campaigning, although campaign party leaders, were sheepish themselves this morning.

Campaigner and right hand man to Thomas, Chris Jacob, who himself has walked in protest with his leader across county boarders despite regulations, when contacted, said: ” The subject is not up for discussion at this present time, the only thought in our minds is the recovery of Steven and no doubt after treatment he will return to share his views”

Thomas’s mobile number is currently switched off and himself wasn’t available for comment.

The campaigner who has been a hindrance to the Welsh governing bodies through his campaigns, often citing Welsh leader Mark Drakeford an idiot is apparently not getting any sympathy from within the corridors of power.

A close source who works in the administration departments of the Senydd said: ” Whilst parliament members aren’t actually publicly commenting you can sense they have no sympathy in this particular case, there’s defiantly a bit of chatter going on the subject but not for public record”

The current location of the campaigner remains unknown although speculation in the town is that he’s been transferred out of area to Swansea for treatment due to his controversial opinions where he is less well known to the public.

Global247news refutes all legal injunction claims from the campaigners lawyers but whilst matters are pending we have blocked out his face for legal reasons in this article.

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