Police set up tighter border patrols between Fuengirola & Benalmadena on Spain's Costa del Sol

Spanish police have set up tighter border controls between Fuengirola & Benalmadena to catch out flouters

With residents on Spain’s Costa del Sol restricted to their local area’s and not supposed to travel outside the restricted zones, Spanish police today have stepped up in patrolling  the border crossing between Fuengirola & Benalmadena.

Extra road blocks have been set in place in attempt to start current flouting of the regulations, with many motorists today captured and fined.

One captured motorist, Dave Caddixton, from Torreblanca told Global247news this morning how he got trapped and fined.

” I had just popped down to Sunset Beach hotel, where I wanted to enquire for a friend Christmas availabilities – to be honest I had totally forgot about the local limits, on returning to Fuengirola, police cars were blocking the road and I had to produce evidence of my residential address, they had me for a €200 fine”

“It did look like they were catching a few, it wasn’t just me” he said.

” Whilst I pleaded my case of forgetfulness the officer wasn’t having it and said the route between the two towns is the most flouted and that they were clamping down”

“Of course I knew about the laws, but how I forgot going in that direction was now illegal was just plain stupid really, I kept thinking about the other way to Iceland etc, as that’s what everyone is talking about, not the other way” he grunted.

Road block in progress

A bystander watching the current road blocks who supplied Global247news with images, Mary Tompkins said: ” I spoke to a police officer and he told me they are clamping down on this route and will continue to do so, I’ve been watching them all morning capturing flouters, the officer also told me they have the back roads covered too, apparently there’s blocks by Torreblanca train station and at the bottom of the hill by the petrol station catching people doing the ‘loop’ around.” she said.

“They certainly caught a lot this morning and the road blocks are still there” she finished with a warning.



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