Welsh Author Speaks From The Heart Before MASSIVE Book Launch Tomorrow

A Welsh author who has written a long chapter in ‘ Inspirational Women Of The World’ delivers an emotional pre launch statement

Tracy Hill, formerly of Ty Rhiw in Rhonda Cynon Taff, now residing in the Vale of Glamorgan has warmed people’s hearts as she describes her chapter in whats to be expected a global best seller.

The book titled ‘Inspirational Women Of The World’ features a full chapter from Tracy who describes her battle after the loss of her son Oliver and how she continues to fight on.

The business woman took time away from her Coffee shop and cake business in the heart of Cardiff to reveal on social media why she wrote her chapter, she posted:

“For me personally I’ve been on a bit of a journey since the events of what I’ve written about. But I needed to go back to a place that changed me, and I’ve kept changing, adapting and learning. Because that’s what life is about.

I wouldn’t have got to this place without some significant people along the way. So if you’re emotional, easily offended or not interested, please look away now
Firstly the three people I need to thank the most are my husband Martin and two children, Elliott and Molly. They’ve got me through my days that were not just tough, but dats that took me to a place beyond darkness. Further than a black hole and a place of physical pain. You three mean the world to me.
My father who even when he was not in the best place, encouraged me to do my best. The first time I saw him cry was when we lost Oliver, the second time was when I sat with him at an appointment when he was dying of cancer. I knew then that he was scared. My hero.
My grandfather has also always encouraged me and has shown me what real strength is.
My brother who stood by me during the difficult times when we were going through the worst pain. He came to London to help us through. I’m still blocked by him, but I’m sure he knows how much I value him as a brother
We’ve got lots of friends, but some friends stay for life. Cath & Jeff Donovan
you are those friends. Thank you. You also came back and fore London to be with us. My two friends

Janet Collins and Jayne Haywood -you’ll never know how much your friendships mean to me.
Now kindness I feel is subjective. It’s our own interpretation. But I saw kindness like no other when we were with Oliver and he was on life support. From the nurse that would take Elliott and Molly to her flat so we could have time with Oliver.
The Doctor that gave Molly a rug for her bedroom and would pick her up and hug her (that may not seem much to some, but to us it was the world). The staff in the PeterPan Café that would take both Elliott and Molly and give them little jobs to do like filling up the vending machines. That may not seem much to some, to us it was everything. To the doctor that held Oliver’s hand in his final moments and stayed with us. There were so many more amazing people. My mum and dad who came to London every week to look after Elliott and Molly to give us time with Oliver.
To the lecturers that gave me the encouraging words to complete not one, but three degrees because they believed in me and my abilities. It wasn’t about the topics I studied, but finding something else. Something you can’t see, but you only feel.
You people have taught me the biggest lessons in life, and have my inspiration for this chapter.
My chapter is named ‘To be continued’ and that’s because I plan to do so much more”
The book that launches tomorrow is already expected to be a ‘best seller’ according to publishers.
New York publisher, Kate Day, who has already had two titles herself in the number one best selling book charts told Global247news this morning: ” I’ve heard a lot about this book and am really excited about reading it, I expect it to ‘ fly off the shelves’ and be a best selling title for Christmas.
In Tracy’s home village in South Wales, villagers are very proud of Tracy too, as well known villager Pat Prothero said: ” She’s always been a lovely girl and she keeps driving forward both in business and in life, she truly is an inspiration and it’s no wonder she was selected to write a chapter”
Helen Lintern said: ” She’s an amazing lady, a true inspiration to others and myself and the rest of the family can’t wait for the launch tomorrow – I just know the book will be a great success and nobody deserves it more than Tracy, the whole village is right behind her”
Gerald Dyke feels the book will go international as he said: ” I grew up with Tracy, splendid girl, when times have been tough I have always thought and looked how she progressed on in life against all the odds, I haven’t seen her for a few years but watch her profile on Facebook – this book will go international I’m sure and I hope to get a signed copy if I can catch up with her soon, she deserves everything, she’s one of life’s finest”
The book launches tomorrow on Kindle and can be purchased for just 99p.

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