Taffs Well Covid Flouter Found Innocent After Police Raid As Mystery Surrounds Case

Taffs Well Covid Flouter cleared by police after they raid his house whilst mystery surrounds how he escaped arrest

Andrew Parcells from Taffs Well in South Wales, skipped the ‘ fire break’ lockdown in Wales and headed out to Crete and then onto Athens with his side kick Andy Simmons.

When they departed the region of Taffs Well was under a local lockdown, meaning residents of Rhondda Cynon Taff could not leave their area.

Parcells, a member of the Anti Covid Campaign, led by the notorious Steven Thomas, took great delight in posting to social media channels his defiance.

Whilst being hunted down by police on his return, after a champagne reception at the airport, once again led by Thomas, yesterday police caught up with him as they raided his home address.

This followed several attempts of previous capture with raids on local public houses such as the Taffs Well Inn when the campaigner was ‘tipped off’ and he slipped out the back door before the police arrival.

As police flocked to Taffs Well yesterday, sirens blazing, there was no escape this time for Parcells. The police were determined to catch their man who had been mocking the authorities and regulations for weeks.

Eye witness neighbours in the village described to Global247news what took place, local Dai Evans said: ” A police van and an unmarked car came screaming down Cardiff Road before turning into our estate, it was then I noticed they pulled up outside the home of Parsells, officers ran up his long driveway and were quickly hammering on the door, whilst other officers went round the back of the house – I saw Parcells open the door and in went the police”

“They were in there for ages, and we could see officers through his lounge window, I say we as a large group had formed to watch after all the commotion”

“There was talk in the village that he had bunked to Spain, but that couldn’t have been the case as his Christmas lights were on in his window”

“We were waiting for him to be led out by the cops, but the cops left after an hour empty handed – we shouted to the police asking why they hadn’t arrested him – the cops said he was innocent of any crime and had all the correct paper work in hand”

“Many villagers are mystified, he left when we were in local lockdown and according to the Welsh Assembly Government he should have remained in Rhondda Cynon Taff and we certainly don’t have an airport – it’s a complete mystery to all of us” Evans said.

Police close in on Taffs Well COVID runaway in South Wales
Parcells in the Crete mountains

Although many supporters of the anti regulation campaigner came forward in his defence, Andrew Jenkins, said: ” Well done ‘Nips’ he fought the law and he won, these regulations have been a farce from start to finish anyway”

Whilst the landlord of the Taffs Well Inn, who had been informed by the law not to serve Parcells if he re entered after slipping the pub raid was first to contact Andrew, posting to his social media channel: ” Look forward to serving you a pint”

Global247news spoke to cleared to Parcells this morning for clarification of the incident, he said: ” I’m free! I am innocent and have been fully cleared in the investigation, so to all my haters, stick that in your pipe and smoke it”

“I showed my paperwork and documents to the officers and they agreed I didn’t break any laws and I don’t need to self isolate, I can’t say any further than that as advised by my lawyers” he claimed.

” What I will tell you though, I had a great trip with my pal, I’ve still got some of my suntan and I’m now preparing my next trip and again it will be totally legal – so those who thought it was clever to grass me up to the police  and the media – you should be arrested for wasting police time” he finished.

Campaign leader, Steven Thomas said: “This is a result for the people, we are being restricted illegally with these lockdown regulations and its the government who the police should be raiding – justice has been done”

Thomas takes champagne to welcome Parsells home






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