Photographs showing a man being charged at by a deer have been posted to social media site Twitter.

Photographs showing a man being charged at by a deer have been posted to social media site Twitter.

Man charged by a deer in London park: The incident happened in Richmond Park, London while the man, a woman and a group of children were feeding the deer. The deer then looks to be uncomfortable with the close proximity of the man and charges at him. Bystander Charlotte Wilden, a friend of the person who took the pictures, posted them to Twitter saying “@royalparks these pictures were taking by my friend today through a long-zoom lens. People feeding the deer from their hands, then throwing food at the deer when the deer decided they’d had enough.

So horrible to endanger the children in this way.” A spokesperson for Richmond Park said that the man’s behaviour was totally unacceptable and slammed him for feeding the deer. The photographer, Rachel Tylor, said “I was walking in the park on Sunday afternoon with my husband and 4 year old daughter. We’re local, so go there a lot. We were heading up towards the woods where my daughter likes to explore, and saw a large herd of deer. We walked the long way round to avoid getting too close, explaining to our daughter (as we always do) that the deer are lovely to see but they’re wild animals so we must never get too close.

When we were in the woods, I looked back and was shocked to see a number of people, including children, getting really close to the animals! A couple of them were feeding the animals from their hands. I had my camera with me so zoomed in on them. It looked like they were feeding the deer bread.

When one of the deer wanted more and was starting to look a bit aggressive, one man threw the bread at him.

Then, as the man was just standing there, the deer came at him, antlers down as if to charge. The man jumped out of the way surprisingly quickly (that was one of the shots I captured). I felt so angry at the sheer stupidity of these people, particularly as they were also putting their children in harm’s way.

Some of the herd then started moving towards the woods, so we moved on. ” Park Manager for Richmond Park said in an interview with The Evening Standard that the deer do not require feeding from members of the general public and that it is illegal to touch or feed the deer. He went on to say “The deer that roam these parks are wild animals that deserve respect and space. It’s important to emphasise that deer do not require feeding from the public and visitors should keep a minimum distance of 50 metres from the deer at all times.

Richmond and Bushy Parks provide ample natural food for deer that is suited to their nutritional needs. By feeding deer, visitors are doing them more harm than good, and putting themselves in unnecessary danger at the same time.”  Global247News Twitter

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