Spain Breaking News: 133 year sentence handed out to man who killed 5 Spanish priests

Spain’s Costa del Sol saw a gruesome fatal stabbing  today witnessed by school children

The gruesome stabbing saw a man in his early 20’s butchered to death at around 2pm in front of children finishing school.

The stabbing took place in Diana park between Marbella and Estepona.

Shocked eyewitness reported that a white Mercedes pulled up alongside the victim, described as a foreign national in his late teens or early twenties. A man got out of the car and stabbed the youth several times, before getting back in and speeding off.

A dentist from a nearby climic rushed out to give the youth CPR but was unable to save him as he died at the scene.

Spanish police  set up roadblocks at both ends of the street as they waited for a judge to pronounce the victim deceased. In heart rending scenes, the youth’s mother and sister were being comforted by friends.

An eye witness told Global247news: “It was horrific, they jumped out the car and just kept stabbing at the youth, must have been 30 lunges of the knife, they didn’t care who was watching, including  school children who had just finished school”

“It was brutal and clearly planned and motivated, at my guess they were British and I would say ‘scousers’ as the accent I heard as there was a lot of shouting, blood was oozing out the victim , it was that bad it was running into the highway” he said.

Police are continuing with their enquiries at present, this is breaking news and updates will follow.  Global247News Twitter

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