Woman on death row seeks more time for clemency

The only woman on death row in the US has appealed for more time. To petition for clemency regarding her sentence.

Woman on death row seeks more time for clemency: Although a federal judge has shown reluctance to allow it. The woman’s legal team had fallen ill with COVID-19. Before they had time to work on her application. Judge Randolph Moss questioned in a court hearing why lawyers working on her behalf had not filed the paperwork for the petition at an earlier date. Saying that convicted killer Lisa Montgomery could still get other legal experts to work on her behalf.

The Justice Department have set a date for her execution on 8th December. Which will be the first since 1953. Montgomery was found guilty in 2007 on charges of kidnapping and killing an 8-month pregnant woman, Bobbie Jo Stinnett. Before cutting her baby out of her womb. Judge Moss said “I would think that any vigorous and experienced counsel … would begin on Day 1. And would have done a great deal for early November to have at least started the process of putting something together. What I can tell you is that the amount of time was very short, given all that they had to do”. Responded Sandra Babcock, an attorney for Montgomery. Telling Moss later in the hearing that clemency arguments “can’t be put together by any old person.”

Separately, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a petition in federal court on Monday. Seeking a stay of the execution on the grounds that Montgomery is being held in “torturous conditions”. Likely to re-traumatize a woman who was “sexually terrorized for decades.” Her lawyers said that she has a long suffering mental illness. And was the victim of sexual assault and gang-rape in past years.

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