Welsh Anti Covid campaigner say's 'Vaccine will kill more people than the virus' and cites people as sheep

Welsh Anti COVID campaigner feels Boris Johnson is a fraud and cites people as sheep

Steven Thomas, Wales’s most notorious anti Covid campaigner, who has a mass following both in South Wales and globally, has hit out at the UK’s Prime Minister.

Thomas was outraged as Boris Johnson went into self isolation. He also called the people who believe the PM ‘sheep’

The hard hitting campaigner, who has demonstrated and protested across Wales and Europe, often breaking regulations and regarded by the Welsh Government and South Wales Police as a ‘serial flouter’ – is now citing Boris Johnson as a fraud as he self isolates.

Thomas said on Twitter: “Pantomime season has come early, this is getting totally laughable” in reference to the self isolation.

Global247news caught up with the hard hitting and vocal Welsh campaigner this morning as Thomas set up for another day of campaigning, heading out to the Vale of Glamorgan.

Thomas ranted: “First of all Boris needed people to take notice of Covid so he miraculously caught it.

“Seen outside number 10 clapping the NHS like a performing seal looking like he has been dragged through a hedge backwards of which he was told just go as yourself expecting everyone else to do the same.
“Then he went into Hospital then days later he was in intensive care, then a few days later he was being carted out with everyone clapping him again like performing seals with no masks no social distancing and all you see on this trolley was someone with a dodgy Boris wig on.
“A few days later he was back at number ten behind his desk back at work with the nation of sheep saying what a saviour he was and we haven’t seen his like since Winston Churchill.
“Now on to his failed track and trace what is the best thing he can do to get the people to believe in this failed track and trace ?
I bet his advisors said to him – Mr Prime minister if you tell the public you had the call telling you to self isolate then they will fall in line with the sheep to believe this failed idea of yours is actually working.
“And now you have more sheep thinking what a prime minister we have what a f@k!g hero.”
Thomas then went on: “Meanwhile some very good news one of the UKs biggest killers dementia.
“Fatalities has fallen to an all time low and it’s all thanks to Boris Johnson and his fantastic government -also influenza fatalities has also dropped in 2020, funny that – the man’s a total fraud, the people who believe him are sheep and the whole travesty of COVID is a complete joke” he added.
Thomas and his campaigners out flouting
The campaigner then told what he thought should happen and straight away and clearly is not a supporter of vaccines as he said:
“It takes at least 6 years for a vaccine to be fully tested and regarded safe and here we are rolling one out within months, the government couldn’t organise a a track and trace system , how on earth are they going to roll out a safe vaccine!  They are just throwing darts at the board and hoping for the best, the vaccine will probably kill more people than the virus itself” he said.
“Although the sheep will follow and all get jabbed – what needs to happen is we throw away the muzzles, (masks) and get back to normal life – more people are going to die from mental health and suicide if this nonsense continues. People out there are getting skinned alive especially the self employed – Thatcher endorsed self employment, the Tory party have pushed it for years and now they kill the independent businesses with pathetic and stupid regulations” he finished.
The former nuclear scientist turned campaigner now intends to go on another campaign trail around Wales advising his supporters not to take any vaccine and claims to have evidence to substantiate his claims.
Jimmy O’brien, an established plumber and builder in Bridgend is a staunch supporter of the wailing Welshman and he remarked on Twitter ” I won’t be taking any vaccine chief”
Although opposition in the Welsh Valleys is also starting to grow against Thomas as the vaccine gets closer.
“I wish he would commit suicide himself – he talks and spouts complete nonsense and its only damaging the hard work the government and NHS are doing attempting to save peoples lives, he’s off his rocker, he really is, nobody should listen to the prat” said Malcolm Williams from Pentyrch South Wales.
“If he comes to our village we will lynch him up the Garth with the bloody sheep” Said Malcolm.

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