The tallest tree in Wales has survived thanks to the assistance of a chain saw sculptor

The tallest tree in Wales was savaged by a strong storm in Powys Wales and the local authorities ordered it to be felled for health and safety reasons.

Although an amazing sculpture transformed the tree instead in memory of it’s great once height.

 Chainsaw artist Simon O’Rourke found a better solution to symbolise the tree’s last attempt to reach the sky.
The sculpture is now near Lake Vyrnwy, a reservoir in Powys, Wales where everyone can enjoy it.
The transformed tree has now become iconic in Wales and is becoming a popular attraction as well as the latest tourist attraction to be.
Whilst due to the pandemic in Wales and heavy regulations on visiting, Americans are planning visits to Wales and putting the tree visit at the top of their list of things to see whilst in Wales.
The tallest tree in Wales had been damaged by a storm and was supposed to be cut down ... but chainsaw artist Simon O'Rourke found a better solution to symbolise the tree's last attempt to reach the sky. The sculpture is now near Lake
Tree reaching to the sky
Tourists Bob & Anne from Detroit, currently on a world tour, although currently lock downed in Spain, told Global247news of their desire to see the treeBob said: ” I picked it up on Facebook, we are currently in Spain and can’t travel any further at present but Wales is the next planned stop and we have added the tree to our list of things to see, it’s so clever, in the States this would never happen, those Welsh folk have great imagination and this looks a perfect work of art”
At present only those residing in Wales can view the tree whilst on country walks due to the English being on lockdown on their side of the river, although once restrictions are lifted it’s expected to get a mass following not only from England but all over Europe.  Global247News Twitter

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