Scientists discover little-known deadly virus in Bolivia

Scientists who have discovered a deadly virus in Bolivia have reported that it can be spread from person to person.

Scientists discover little-known deadly virus in Bolivia: The Chapare virus, which killed three people last year in Bolivia, has only been recently discovered. And causes vomiting, fever and internal bleeding. Concerns have been raised by the Centre for Disease Control in America regarding further outbreaks of the virus and it’s human-to-human transmission.

The first known case of the virus was registered in 2004 when a young farmer fell ill with vomiting, bleeding and a headache. Further outbreaks were found in the capital city of La Paz in 2019 with 5 recorded cases and 3 deaths. There is no current treatment of Chapare, which causes Dengue fever-like symptoms. Other than giving fluids to the body and supportive care.

Researchers say that one source of the virus could possibly be from rodent droppings. With pygmy rice rats being prevalent in Bolivia and neighboring countries. But scientists admit there is still much that remains unknown about the Chapare virus. Such as where it originated from, how exactly it infects humans, and what risks there are that a larger outbreak could occur in Bolivia or elsewhere in South America.

An epidemiologist with the CDC’s division of high-consequence pathogens and pathology, Caitlin Cossaboom, said. “Our work confirmed that a young medical resident, an ambulance medic and a gastroenterologist all contracted the virus. After encounters with infected patients. And two of these healthcare workers later died. We now believe many bodily fluids can potentially carry the virus.”  Global247News Twitter

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