Residents under strict COVID regulations in Spain’s Fuengirola  were treated to spectacular views of a Dolphin swim past

Nature always has a way of lifting people’s spirits and yesterday was no exception the towns folk in Spain’s Fuengirola.

Whilst walkers and Sunday diners strolled the Paeso or sat eating their lunch before restrictions kicked in at 6PM at around 4PM  dolphins decided to come and offer some ‘lockdown’ cheer.

Two separate pods of dolphins came to swim close to the shore whilst rolling and playing in the shallow waters.

Linda Pope captured the amazing moments on her mobile phone and sent them in to Global247news to be able to share with readers.

Linda said: “It was truly amazing to see the dolphins, it was as if they had arrived to give to give everybody a lift, they were in no rush and started playing in the sea right in front of us, I spotted them from my dinner table and rushed out to watch and try and take some snaps”

” I counted 9 dolphins but I think there was more, they were playing and it was like they were performing for us whilst under restrictions to lift our spirits, It was such a beautiful sight” she added.

“What was funny was the paddle boarder in the picture, he came ashore after and told us how he was surrounded at one stage by them and how he nearly fell in the sea, he said it shocked him at first and made him wobble – he thought he was going to fall off” she laughed.

Dolphins close in: Credit Linda Pope

“It made my Sunday, what with Wales winning the football, albeit I am not Welsh myself, but I just love the Welsh, and an incredible dolphin display, I went to bed with a big smile on my face”

Although it wasn’t just Fuengirola who got a dolphin treat, the people’s favourites swam on eventually to Benalmadena  and had another ‘play display’ near the Sunset Beach Hotel.

Ed Watkins, fishing off the rocks, said how he saw them all arrive: ” All the fish started jumping out the water, then the dolphins came around the corner and started rolling and playing in the water, it killed the fishing as the fish were spooked but it was worth every moment”

“A group soon gathered to watch and it was as if the dolphins had an audience to play to and they knew it – it was a flipping good show” he quipped.

” Of course we see dolphins in these parts, normally smaller ones, but these were fully grown big ones and they were close in too, the crowd that gathered including myself loved every minute of it” the angler finished.  Global247News Twitter

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