A group of Facebook trolls attempt to damage business for a trader in Bridgend over face mask refusal

Helen Bells posted into the Facebook groups in the Bridgend area of South Wales the following:

“Was told I couldn’t enter the store.

Asked me what my disability is I replied I didn’t have to disclose for him to decide how my disability would qualify.
Told him he’s breaking the law.
(Disability discrimination acts)
He said he’s not and told me to take as many pictures as I want and post them anywhere.
Bridgend fabrics people!!
Never will I ever spend a penny there again and never will I recommend them.
Sent a load of business their way over the the years.”
Although Bells postings back fired when the majority of readers agreed with the business owner.
The clear poster on main door
One reply stated: “Is the disability they are blind? – the poster on the door clearly states NO EXCEPTIONS”
Leanne Davies was quick to point out: “he refused her entry to his business because she wasn’t wearing a mask

The door clearly states no exceptions
That clearly states to me he ain’t risking catching covid-19 for nothing not even a sale
Maybe high risk family members he has to protect while he goes out to make a living
Who knows but I’m upmost positive whatever his refusal of entry it is his choice”
The trolls spent Saturday evening covering Facebook, Twitter & Instagram with the same complaint and calling out the local business.
Business owner known as ‘Carl Curtains’ who has a dry sense of humour, is known for his black and white approach and a close friend of his said ” Carl’s not bothered at all, he told the trolls straight when they tried to enter with no mask, no mask no entry, it’s very simple, it’s his shop and it’s his rules”
“The trolls are attempting to damage his business but it won’t wash – trolls have too much self importance and quite frankly are the ‘pond life’ of the modern world” he further added.

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