Customers of B&M shocked at 'willies' on Christmas ornaments

B&M customers have been left in shock after discovering ‘willies’ on Christmas decoration ornaments

As shoppers prepared for the new Christmas deliveries of Christmas ornaments they were left reeling as ‘willies’ appeared between the legs of the ornaments.

Other genitals were also on view.

“That’s not decoration, It’s ornament porn” said startled June Rosier from Pontyclun “There’s no need for this, what on earth were the manufacturers thinking? Who wants too see an animals sausage” she exclaimed.

Although other shoppers have seen the funny side as Dereck Whithers  in Cardiff said: ” I bought 4, they could be on Antiques road show one day” he laughed

” I stood in the aisle in disbelief at all the moaners and groaners, there were lots of them too, what harm does a small willy do?” he chuckled.

A B&M sales assistant told Global247news: ” I wouldn’t say that we have had complaints but we have had quite a few comments although when they arrived I did find it a little unusual – the willies are very small really, I’m going to buy a couple for Xmas for my pal Simon Fowler in Cowbridge, he knows how to deal with a small willie” she chuckled.

The appearance of the willies and genitals hasn’t effected sales, as the new line of Christmas ornaments flew off the shelves.


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