Philip Schofield says Queen should be first to get new coronavirus vaccine

During a discussion on Thursday’s episode of This Morning Philip Schofield has called for the Queen to be at the front of the queue when it comes to handing out the coronavirus vaccine.

The topic of the discussion was whether the nonagenarian monarch should be one of the first to receive an approved vaccine. Schofield was quoted as saying “Quite frankly I’m happy to say I think she should be amongst the front of the queue.

She’s 94, her husband is 99, what she’s done, the service that she’s given, what it would do to us as a country if God forbid she was claimed by it. I want her front and foremost.”

Andrew Neil, a guest on yesterday’s show, agreed with him saying “She is the head of state, she brings us together.”

It was revealed this week that pharmaceutical companies Pfizer/BioNTech have developed a vaccine that would be 90% efficient in preventing people from catching COVID-19. However, in a press conference earlier on this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that it is in the “early stages” and would still need more testing before it could become available to the general public. 40 million doses have been ordered by the UK but this would only cover a third of the population with people needing 2 doses for it to be effective.  Global247News Twitter

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