Man left confused after island is built at the end of his drive

A homeowner who woke up one morning to find a pedestrian island, complete with flourescent bollards, had been placed at the end of his driveway said he is “baffled” by it as he had not received any notice that the work was going ahead.
Zakir Malik has since had trouble turning right into his drive and reversing out which, he said, has led to quite a few near misses with other vehicles outside his house in Hodge Hill, Birmingham.
Malik, an estate agent, said he awoke one morning to find the island had been plonked in the road directly opposite his home without any notice from the local council nor any consultation with him that the work would be going ahead.
He has now submitted a complaint to council bosses asking for the island and bollards to be removed from Coleshill Road.
When interviewed father of two Malik said “I woke up one morning and there it was, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had no consultation whatsoever from anybody that this was going to happen. I’ve been living at this address for 20 years and I’ve always used my drive in that time, you can see from the road it is a driveway that is used often. I can’t pull in from the right as I come along the road because it is blocking my driveway. It means I have to drive further down and do a three point turn on a busy junction and then do a U-turn to get back on to my drive. I can’t reverse out, I have to reverse on to the pavement and pull out that way, which is surely more dangerous for pedestrians.”
He went on to say “This morning I was nearly involved in a collision as I pulled off my drive to go to work and its not the first time that has happened.It’s a death trap and an accident waiting to happen”.
He has been told that his local councillor has written a letter of complaint to the Highways Agency but so far nothing has changed.
Zakir said that the bollards were placed on 21st October in a bid to stop vehicles turning right out of a new housing development which is opposite his driveway.
He said “They’ve completely cocked it up because motorists could still turn right, it defeats the purpose of being there. In the meantime it has left me trying to pull all sorts of dangerous manoeuvres as I just try to get in and out of my home. I had workers outside my house the day before it was built and I asked them what was going on. They said they were going to put up that island. When I objected they said to speak to the council and that someone would speak to me about the issue. But the next day when I woke up they had installed it in the early hours. I was absolutely shocked.”
A spokesperson for Birmingham City Coucil said when interviewed that “This has been installed in relation to the nearby housing development as part of planning conditions designed to ensure highway safety. We are aware of the concerns of residents locally and they are being investigated by officers in order to identify what, if any, changes are needed in order to reach a solution that is satisfactory for all.”  Global247News Twitter

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