Spain Breaking News: 133 year sentence handed out to man who killed 5 Spanish priests

The Andalucian president has full Lockdown under consideration as he asks for regulatory changes to the central government to give the autonomous communities the power to advance curfews or home lock up.

Spain’s Andalucian hospitals continue to fill with patients suffering from Covid-19, 337 had to be admitted yesterday.

The President said: “In Andalucia, we continue to carry responsibility and wear and tear on our back, but to make certain decisions we have to have all the instruments,” Moreno emphasised before adding that, even understanding that he cannot have command of the forces and bodies of  State security, he does consider that it should be enabled to advance the curfew before 10pm or further tighten the limit of exits from home to the top of confinement.

“I can dictate regulations, but if there are no officers, if it is not protected, what has served for me to confine each and every one of the Andalucian municipalities. I know that you cannot control everything, but the Government has to make an effort “

“It is clear that Granada could be a candidate for this; if we had that instrument, we would confine ourselves at home,” he said  Global247News Twitter

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