Welsh anti Covid campaigner says don't trust any vaccine 'you will be tested like rats'

Vocal anti COVID-19 campaigner in Wales warns about trusting any vaccine

Steven Thomas, the highly respected anti Coronavirus campaigner based in Wales but supported globally has warned about pending vaccinations being offered.

While the news over the last 24 hours has brought excitement and relief amongst millions across the world as the main stream media fed the world with the latest break through, Thomas broke ranks on his social media channels.

Today Thomas’s media advisors announced his latest statement that read s follows:

“So from what I’ve heard from someone in the Pharma industry it takes around six years to safely test any new vaccine for safety and effectiveness.

So when they do it in months obviously safety can’t be guaranteed and haven’t they removed any legal safety measures on these vaccines ?
This professor says he would be at the front on the queue but he won’t.
Influenza vaccines has been around for a long time and has an effectiveness rate of 30 odd % because the virus is constantly mutating making it mainly guess work.
Now they are saying this Covid one has an effectiveness of 90 odd % which Covid also mutates.
Hmmm seems dodgy to me I think I will let you test rats take it lol”
Thomas’s statement brought a quick response from both sides of the fence, although thousands of his global supporters agreed with him and stated they would not take a vaccine at any cost.
Heather Peatfield from Yorkshire was straight out the blocks as she said: ” Well said again Steven, this is a main stream  media ‘whitewash’ on government orders, they are trying to brainwash the public, there’s no way this can be regarded safe in such a short time. We could see also sorts of side effects from this in years to come in new generation births, lets not forget in the 60’s the morning sickness drugs”
Global247news contacted Steven Thomas tonight and asked him where he got the information from, he replied: “My sources remain anonymous as I have the governments watching my every move and statement as well as the police. Although I know it to be true if anyone wants the info do your research, “
Thomas who used to before retirement, work as a scientist at Nuclear power stations added: ” Now look at the reported UK 50,000 deaths, typical scum Sky News, putting out the fear – but fear not it says everything about this virus in one word – all those 50,000 that have died WITH Coronavirus not OF Coronavirus – that is the big difference, they are playing you”

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