Police close in on Taffs Well COVID runaway in South Wales

South Wales Police close in on lockdown runaway from Taffs Well

A man from Taffs Well who broke every lockdown regulation in Wales, to go on the run to Crete and then Athens now has the South Wales Police hot on his tail.

Andrew Parsells bunked to Bristol airport, escaping  local lockdown regulations to avoid the ‘fire break’ lockdown set by Welsh Minister Mark Drakeford, the leader of Wales.

As we reported yesterday, the runaway was greeted with a champagne reception on his return to Bristol airport by fellow lockdown protesters before heading home to Taffs Well, situated just outside Cardiff.

The Welshman who thought he had evaded capture after he crossed the Severn Bridge with his fellow campaigning cohorts – took to his local pub to taunt friends in England that he was having a local pint, whilst England is under a 4 week lockdown.

Although South Wales Police are now hot on his tail and close to catching the fellon.

Eyewitnesses from the Welsh village have reported that the South Wales Police stormed the local village pub to where the absconder was making his latest social media – although missed a capture by just 10 minutes as Parsells slipped the net.

Parsells local landlord in the raid, was ordered by the police not to allow him in the building and not to serve him for 2 weeks.

Parsells landlord informs of net closing in and ban

Supporters of Parcells were also quick to tip him off, as the police left, but it’s believed according to close sources that Parcells was ‘tipped off’ the police were en route allowing him to make his escape.


Supporters report in to Parcells

Lyn ‘trumpet’ Collins a local resident of the village said: ” We have a grass in the village clearly, but thankfully Andy got wind and legged it- they don’t call him ‘Nips’ for nothing”

“He nipped right out the back door there” he added.

Meanwhile an inside source at Merthyr Tydfil police station said: ” The police will not be giving up on a capture and will be knocking a few doors today”

One chief suspect of harbouring the Covid flouter is believed to be Welsh anti Covid campaigner, Steven Thomas who resides in the Bargeod region further up the Welsh valley.

Thomas, who is normally very vocal on an hourly basis is reported to have hit silence mode since the raid, raising suspicion.

Dai Lewis from Pontypridd who has being calling for Parsells capture after travelling half way around Europe, said” It’s strange how that loud mouth Thomas has gone very quiet – I think there is something in that and I’ve told the coppers that too”

Although it’s also suspected Parcells is on the run to Spain and to the Fuengirola on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Former headmaster Gareth Hughes claims: “He’s nipped out to Spain, its obvious, good for him,” he said

“He’s associated with pals there in Fuengirola who run transport companies delivering house hold goods and furniture – he will have jumped on one of them, he did say it was his next stop”

Police continue with their searches today for the infamous Covid law breaker.



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