Police close in on Taffs Well COVID runaway in South Wales

A Welshman who flouted Mark Drakeford’s ‘ Fire break’ regulations by bunking to Crete returns to wind up the English

Taffs Well based COVID regulation flouter, Andrew Parsells – who broke all lockdown regulations and departed to Crete and Athens for freedom of movement has now returned to Wales to wind up the English as Wales came out of lockdown.

Parsells, who ignored local lockdown regulations by travelling to Bristol airport and jumping on the first available flight as he guessed the ‘Fire Break’ lock down was pending – celebrated his return to Welsh shores by sinking a few pints in the Taffs Well Inn on his return and posting on his social media channels :

“To all my English friends in lockdown”

Parsells celebrates with pals

Parsells who caused a storm in the South Wales valleys by flouting lockdown regulations and going on ‘the run’ appears to have escaped punishment despite at one time hundreds of fellow countryman calling for his capture.

At one stage of his trip around Europe – Interpol were alleged to have been keeping a watch on him and his fellow assailant Andy Simmons.

Although Welsh anti Covid protestor, Steven Thomas raised a glass to the Welshman and told Global247news how it showed how poor the regulations were.

Thomas takes champagne to welcome Parsells home

” I went over to Bristol to meet him and took a bottle of champagne to meet his arrival, It just goes to show these regulations were all farcical and still are as the Welsh government don’t want us masked, they want us muzzled” he said

” I did get questioned by the airport police – although as I have a Bristol accent and speak a bit ‘proper’ it was easy to slip the net, just like Andrew did – he’s a legend in my eyes the way he escaped” he further added.

“All these lockdown regulations have and are a complete joke and this full demonstrated this – I was worried at one stage Andrew would get pulled but he made it and is back in God’s country after highlighting the nonsense of these lockdowns” he stated.

Parsells adventures as previously reported took him first to Crete and then onto Athens where he endured an earthquake.

Although the Welshman is now back on Welsh soil but vows to continue to demonstrate against regulations.

Leader Thomas, known in Wales as the ‘Chief’ amongst his fellow Cardiff City supporters finished with: “Andrew is a credit to our campaign and one of my finest troops and he pulled this one off superbly, so that is why I took champers to greet him back” he finished.

Parsells claims his next challenge is Spain’s Fuengirola, he told Global247news: ” Fuengirola is my next challenge – watch this space”

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