British expats on Spain's Costa del Sol start sweepstake on last night out

British expats living down on Spain’s Costa del Sol have started a sweepstake on when they can next have an evening drink

As British expats headed out last night for their evening bevies before todays restrictions kick in, where bars have to close at 6PM, it wasn’t long before they started a sweepstake.

The start of the Sweep started by media shy Gary Adamson

The sweepstake involved guessing when the bars on Spain’s Costa del Sol will be able to serve another pint after 6pm.

Monday night was probably the most busiest Monday for a while for drinkers as they made the most of the last few hours of being able to go out and socialise in the evening.

Laughter and fun rang in the air as they made the most of it last night.

The Hole In The Wall a popular watering hole on Fuengirola’s sea front was rammed with not a table spare, whilst seats expanded onto the street.

The sweepstake started off just between one group but soon spread to other tables where due to the rate of numbers wanting to join in – several others were formed, with most posts reaching in the €40 bracket.

The idea was started by Gary Adamson, whilst taking a deserved couple of Bacardi and cokes after another day of fund raising for “Fuengirola Caring At Christmas” campaign, where Gary plans to offer free Christmas dinners to all those affected by COVID-19.

The total on the Go Fund Me  now stands at €310 aiming to reach a target of €500.

Mark ‘King Of The Fish’ Sutherland sinking Strongbow as if it was going out of fashion

Although there was a small ‘hiccup’ when drinker Mary, herself only recently purchasing a bar in Fuengirola said all the sweep should go to the cause until Mark Sutherland from the Luna Bar pointed out to the big busted blonde, dates were running after Christmas!

The question though now is to all Global247news readers, what date do you think will be correct?

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