Spanish hooligans chop up butcher and carve into dolphins with machetes

The police in Spain are on the hunt for a gang of Spanish hooligans who have been attacking dolphins with machetes

The hooligan gang in the region of Almeria are reported to take to boats at night to hack at the people friendly mammals.

The Police have launched a full investigation and are appealing for information on the gang.

One gang member ‘Juan’ engraves his name into the side of each kill as a signature tag.

Photos released by the Guardia Civil show the severed head of one dolphin and the flank of another with the name Juan carved into its side in large letters. Another shocking image shows the decapitated body of a dolphin. “Arrests cannot be ruled out,” said a spokesman for the Guardia Civil.

Many dolphins have been photographed with their heads missing, with some butchered into 3/4 body parts.

The police feel that the hooligan gang have knowledge of marine life as they know how to entrap the intelligent species before taking their machetes and knives to them.  Global247News Twitter

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