British expats wait with baited breath on government announcements on Spain's Costa del Sol

 British expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol are waiting with baited breath on today’s government announcements

Hundreds of British expats have sat on their hands the last few days waiting for an announcement from the government who govern Andalucia.

Many are British Bar & Restaurant owners who fear pre – warned opening restriction hours, whilst others are those heavily supporting businesses during the current pandemic and restrictions on establishments.

Last night, long standing established bar owner, Wendy Bradshaw who owns Brads bar on the sea front in Torreblanca, near Spain’s Fuengirola posted out her sentiments on her social media channels as she said:

“Before the new restrictions are announced tomorrow here in Andalusia, make sure you make the most of your independent bars and restaurants this weekend, because when you do get around to finally supporting them you might just find they are no longer here”

Wendy’s sentiments demonstrate the fears currently of ailing bars and restaurant owners as they continue to battle for survival.

With constant restrictions placed on them and restricted hours of trading, whilst a tiny fraction of normal foot flow is around on the Costa del Sol, the pending announcement today appears it could be the final blow for many.

On Fuengirola’s seafront and back streets, just in the last 7 days has seen over 15 business operations close for good, ranging from Italian restaurants, Kebab shops, supermarkets and traditional bars.

In Benalmadena, just along the coast the picture is exactly the same with closures.

Today the local government are due to make further announcement, speculation is of earlier closures, ranging between 3PM and 6PM with a nightly curfew to start at 7PM.

Punters packed into the Luna bar in Torreblanca, shared their thoughts as they prepared for the worst out come.

David Riley said: “I’ve got out early to watch the football results and take in a few evening beers, it could be the last time for a while from what I am hearing – personally I think if it happens it will be a crazy ruling, but many of the latest rulings have been off the scale”

The Bar owner himself, Mark Sutherland who is known locally as the ‘King Of The Fish’ said: “I’ve heard its bars shut at 6 and curfew at 7 – although I will wait for confirmation although my customers tonight have all brought forward their Sunday lunch timed bookings just in case, with over 40 bookings it’s causing havoc as we normally stretch them over from 12.30 till 9”

As Mark celebrated his wife Barbara’s birthday with his customers, the customers remained in good spirit despite the pending ruling, as drinks flowed into the evening possibly for the last time for several weeks.

“I’m making the most of it before what looks like a winter of ‘tinnies’ in the flat ” said Gary whilst a flock of customers burst out laughing as his daughter said: ” Whatever next, Bin laden has become President of the United States and here the politics are about bar opening times”

The slip of the tongue, confusing Joe Biden with Bin Laden, clearly demonstrating that customers were plying the drink whilst they could.

Today’s announcement is due around 2PM and this morning bar owners across Spain’s Costa del Sol are very concerned.

Kevin, a bar owner in Los Boliches told Global247news: “It won’t be worth opening if evenings are banned, it’s the only time I take money, I only open up in the daytime to get out the house” he said.

“It could be game over for many including myself, if they throw in more restrictions today”  Global247News Twitter

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