Spain's Costa del Sol Dog Owners Question 7PM Curfew

Dog owners on Spain’s Costa del Sol are questioning the pending likely curfew this weekend

With news circulating on Spain’s Costa del Sol that it’s likely a 7pm curfew is to be set as regulation whilst Andalucia fights the Coronavirus pandemic, alarm bells are ringing for the thousands of dog owners who live on the coast of Spain’s Costa del Sol.

At present dog owners, especially the thousands who live in apartments, have to wait until 6AM until they can take their dog out to do their ‘business’ as the current curfew starts at 11PM.

There have been in the region, several fines handed out to dog owners going out during curfew, due to their pet being ‘desperate’.

Although now dog owners are even more concerned if and when the curfew is set from 7PM to 6AM and the government don’t allow some tolerance to owners of dogs.

“You can’t make a dog hold on for 11 hours, especially if they are elderly – it’s hard enough at the present time” said dog owner Jenny Vickers:

“This week twice my Ruby and Jona, have been bursting for a pee at 5 AM, as we live in an apartment I have had on two occasions to have to let them go outside using extendable leads, whilst I stood in the doorway of the apartment entrance”

“I did this after being cautioned by the police earlier in the week, thankfully I wasn’t fined” she went on,


“There’s no way that they will be able to hang on from 7PM – 11PM has been hard enough, I hope some consideration is taken to this crucial matter if they extend the curfew, I have spoken to many dog owners and they are of the same feeling” she finished.

Mike Roderick, has been forced to train his pet dog ‘Tinker’ in the shower, although he told Global247news, the main issue is when it comes to a ‘number two’, he said: “Tinker is getting old and needs a regular tinkle, I have trained him to do it in the shower cubicle but the odd number two isn’t very hygienic and as the shower is in the en suite, late at night if he gets off the bed and does one it stinks the bedroom out”

Stock photo – not tinker

“The poor old boy just can’t hang on, but we can’t afford the fine for going out, if its to be extended (The Curfew) I really hope there is some consideration for dog owners to be exempt”

“We were allowed out during lockdown – so hopefully some common sense will prevail” he finished.

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