Overwhelmed "Naked Attraction" contestant has to leave the set

A contestant on the risque Channel 4 program Naked Attraction was so overwhelmed by the sight of 6 naked women that he had to leave the set and ‘take a breather’ host Anna Richardson has said.

The show is based on a dating game where contestants have to choose a partner from 6 naked hopefuls. Host Richardson told Mail Online that 23-year-old Brian was so overcome that he had to leave the set and the producers of the show had to ‘console’ him

. She said that “A young chap called Brian who is a virgin, a lovely guy, wine connoisseur and proficient musician, felt really faint when he was faced with six naked girls, and needed to be escorted off set and consoled by producers.”

An excert from the show clearly shows him looking incredibly flustered as the screens are at waist height, revealing the ladies bottom halves. Anna asks him if he is feeling alright as he looks like he is going to faint to which he replies “I need a moment please Anna, just a little moment”. She says that it’s fine and he walks off the set apologising and saying he needs to think. It seemed to work too as Brian returned a few moments later and completed the rest of the show. Naked Attraction first hit our screens in 2016 and has aired for 6 series, with the seventh series due to be aired later this month.

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