It appears America has dumped Trump and he's toast

Donald Tump looks as if he is toast in the US election.

Many Americans all over the USA feel Donald Trump is toast and Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next President.

Whilst counting still goes on, Joe Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania with 5,5870 votes and is now poised for White House victory, leading in four of the remaining swing states, despite Trump’s refusal to accept defeat and claiming he is the victim of an elaborate conspiracy.

As of 9am EST on Friday, Biden leads 49.4% to Trump’s 49.3% in Pennsylvania, snatching back the lead from the President with just 140,000 votes left to count.

The remaining votes in Pennsylvania, the largest prize in the electoral college with 20 votes, are mostly in the Biden strongholds of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Millions are rejoicing across the States at the hopeful departure of Trump from the White House after a very controversial 4 years.

Marvin Hankson a demonstrator who refuses to leave the gates of the White House until Trump departs told Global247news this morning: ” Thank you lord, it seems the worst President we have ever had times up buddy, America can only thrive going forward” he said before shouting:

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