Expat Costa del Sol Bar Owners In Spain Fearing A 3pm Closure Regulation

Expat bar and restaurant owners on Spain’s Costa del Sol are fearing a 3pm closure order

Fears starting running at high levels on Spain’s Costa del Sol that a 3pm closure regulation may come into effect in the area on all bars and restaurants on Sunday or Monday.

Speculation started on Spain’s Costa del Sol yesterday, when late afternoon the word had been passed around bar and restaurant owners that officials had been saying that they thought this would be the case although not totally indicating as a fact.

One bar owner told Global247news how he had spoken to a local mayor from the Mijas region and that the Mayor – thought that could be the case come Sunday or Monday.

That word – spread across the Costa del Sol rapidly yesterday between bar owners.

The main fear is that the regulation IF enforced later in the next coming days as speculated, is that bar owners especially would suffer more than having a complete ‘shut down’ due to the fact that they could still be open and thus not receive financial assistance from the governing bodies to which they would be on a complete shut down.

A the same time, the majority of the bar owners trade is in the evening more than during day time hours.

Ray Fear, Managing Director of Bars Spain Direct told Global247news ” Yes, it’s the talk of region amongst bar owners at present, many have contacted me today to ask if I had heard about it, as I have told everyone, yes I have heard about the rumour but nothing is yet official and it’s best to stay patient even during these worrying times, – personally I feel it is crazy if it does, many feel it’s a ‘get out’ of not having to pay government financial assistance instead of closing bars”

“The other point, bar owners especially are taking their trade during the evening hours, it’s what they are surviving on, to force them to close at 3pm would quite frankly be ridiculous,” he added

“Bar owners are having a torrid time as it is, in my opinion they should not face any more regulations, they are safe bars to visit and the risk of any infection is extremely low as foot flow as we know on the coast is minimal, already having to close currently at 10.30pm is costing them revenues”

“Apart from the odd coffee, bars will not take enough income from between 6AM – 3PM and will simply not be able to afford any staff, or take enough funds to cover overheads” he further commented.

“Common sense needs to prevail and if the Spanish authorities are thinking this through they need to rethink again, it’s not just about ‘wet sales’ some of these businesses are wishing to sell to0, it’s bad enough that potential buyers can’t travel to view, let alone enforced daily sales restrictions added on top”

“Let’s face the facts, the Costa del Sol is empty right now, so closing any establishments at 3pm would just be madness” he finished.

Upon hearing the speculation, local residents who are doing their upmost to support their local’s are not best pleased either.

‘ Monty’ a daily regular supporter of establishments in Fuengirola shared his thoughts as he said: ” If it’s true, and I heard it has come from the Mayor of Mijas talking to bar owners, then its totally pathetic, I go to the bars everyday all along the front, have I caught Coronavirus? – have I hell! – going out each day, socialising is good for the mental health of people locally, many are retired, they need to go out and speak to people, bars are the life blood of many right now during these tough times, it’s not about the drinking, its about the way of life”

A Danish bar owner in Los Boliches, just outside the town of Fuengirola shared his views, he said: ” If they do what everyone is saying, then its a clear way of ensuring the authorities don’t have to give us financial assistance and that’s totally wrong, it should be we are either open or closed, not restrictions on hours, the 10.30 closure time is already costing my establishment €150-200 per day in loss takings, we don’t start taking any money of substance until 7pm, we can only wait and see but the way we are being treated at present it would be of no surprise, although hopefully this is just one persons thoughts that have spread around the area, which it will as everyone is concerned right now as it is” he finished.

The majority of  bar and restaurant owners on the coast are expecting an announcement on Sunday/Monday and expect any new regulations to come in with immediate effect.



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