Spain Breaking News: 133 year sentence handed out to man who killed 5 Spanish priests

Andalucía considers a 7pm curfew which includes the Costa del Sol in an attempt to avoid total lockdown

The Junta de Andalucía is thinking about bringing forward the start of the curfew from eleven at night to seven in the evening if enforced.

The regulation could begin on Monday, November 9.

President of the board, Juanma Moreno wants to minimize as much as possible the economic impact of another confinement.

President Moreno is committed in any case to advancing the closing time of bars and commercial establishments if the curfew is not extended.  he says, “the key to this latest possible regulation is that 70% of economic activity takes place between 7 am and 3 pm,”

The thought process is that time would be shielded from a possible closure.

Although bar owners now feel they are being stitched up.

“They keep us open so they don’t have to pay out for closures, its a complete stitch up” said Kevin Williams this morning in Fuengirola

Whilst in Benalmadena, Maggie Wilson a bar owner of 12 years said: ” This is bollocks, nobody takes any money in the day time – they just are playing skullduggery so they don’t have to pay us for closure”  Global247News Twitter

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