Prime Minister walks out of Commons as Theresa May starts her speech

Just as Theresa May was about to start her speech on the House of Commons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson upped and left.

MP’s in the house could be heard making their disapproval felt.

On footage Ms May could be seen pulling a startled face as he got up from his chair and left as she started her speech by saying that she did not envy the present Government for the hard decisions that they had to make.

Mr Johnson had been present in the House for sometime due to Prime Minister’s Questions but obviously felt that he had heard enough.

Ms May continued to speak, criticising the Government for picking data to fit it’s COVID-19 policies and said that the second lockdown was wholly based on predictions that the country could see 1,000 deaths a day by the end of October.

She said “For many people, it looks as if the figures are chosen to support the policy rather than the policy being based on the figures.

We need these proper analyses. We need to know the details behind these models. We need to be able to assess the validity of those models … let us see it and make our own judgments.”

She also called for figures to become available detailing the economic cost of a second lockdown. Her relationship with Mr Johnson has become rather fraught in recent months after she has criticised some of the Government’s policies. Iain Duncan Smith appeared to regret that the Prime Minister had left and not heard her speech, saying afterwards that he wished the Primie Minister had stayed to listen to her points.  Global247News Twitter

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