Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says second lockdown in England must be the last

Tony Blair, former Labour Prime Minister, has been quoted as saying that the second lockdown for England,  and last until the 2nd December, must be the last one for the country

Despite criticism from backbenchers over the current Prime Ministers plans, MP’s are expected to vote today in favour of the lockdown.

Writing in his article for the Daily Mail, Blair said that we, as a  country, must learn to live alongside the virus as ut will be with us for a long period of time.

He went on to say “This national lockdown should be our last. There is an urgent responsibility to spend the next month putting in place the tools that will allow us to live alongside this virus safely and freely through the winter.

Lockdowns have already cost the country £190billion in lost productivity, we have rising unemployment and there is a huge collateral health impact, with, for example, cancer referrals tumbling by 70% while NHS waiting lists have soared.”

As the world holds it’s breath and pins all their hopes on a vaccine Blair said that we must do more to fight the virus.

He went on to say “My point is very simple: given this cost, we must do everything we can to speed up the introduction of the four pillars — especially those drugs that will save lives over the winter months and the vaccines which will reduce the impact of infection on NHS workers and those most at risk from the virus.

There is no silver bullet, but a combination of vaccines, therapeutics, mass testing and world-class data collection will give us a substantial armoury with which to succeed.” Although he is against some on the Goverment advisers advice he did say that we should listen to the experts as there could be good reasons for being cautious. FInishing off on his theme of ending lockdowns he said “It is surely right to see if we cannot hasten the introduction of the things that can offer the only solutions to get us out of what is otherwise a ghastly cycle of lockdown, followed by easing, then further lockdown.”  Global247News Twitter

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